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Correcting Posts That Don't Understand What "Versions" Are.

The version function should be used for upgrades of models or minor differences for the same subject. Grouping clearly different items together feels like a disrespect to this function. Above all, it makes management on the viewer's side troublesome.

For instance, it's questionable to post an article under the title of an anime and then list each individual character as a different "version". This posting method implies a situation where a person interested in character B gets notified of a "version upgrade" of this model, but in reality, it's just that character D was added. This can lead to confusion, for instance when they thought the version of character B had gone from 2 to 3. This is not good.

However, I understand the benefits for the poster. By causing such misunderstandings, either intentionally or unconsciously, the number of views increases, and the number of downloads seems to increase as well. Ah, yes. I'm mentioning benefits but speaking harshly. Fundamentally, I dislike this practice, hence my tone. Those who are level-headed, please consider the benefits of this matter and how to implement them in a fair and proper way.

1 Answer

This post isn't a question, but I do agree. It can be kind of hard to keep track of what's going on with a model when it's got like 12 tangibly (if that) related characters listed under a single character lora name.

I'm not really sure what the thought train is on doing it that way instead of just having a separate page for each outfit / character / hairstyle etc

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