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Search by Hash

My apologies if this feature already exists or a similar question has been asked. However, life with AI image generation is very inconvenient without it, so please add a search function by hash. Please make it possible to search with the major hash methods viewable on the posting page. Is it really such a difficult thing to ask for?

2 Answers

Desi's method is of course the better alternative for users, but note that the api has had this for some time. Works with v1/v2/sha256 at least.

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Try the beta search. Searching by hash seems to be working for me: Just tried a few at random in a private window.

Hash: F5CED32B32FB265C20E330B60FB8D6F51EB3A017A80550D1C72EB927CF8B2584 should give you:

Hash: 3DBA9E1C8C should give you:


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