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The work I uploaded with the most reactions was suddenly deleted, have any other users experienced this problem?

I am very sure that I have not operated the deletion operation myself, and I have not received any notification messages, I want to confirm whether there are other channels to recover, and hope that the official community can solve this problem as soon as possible?

1 Answer

It's certainly was deleted for CivitAI ToS violation, because moderator seen it or it was reported by users. Right now CivitAI has no problem with hosted images, so it can't dissaper to nowhere. The only thing could happen - you didn't get notification about it. And even if you've get it, there would be bo reason specified. Just: "Your images was deleted for ToS violation"

Oh, almost forgot. CivitAI ToS is a very leaky set of rules, tolerant to lolis, brutal acts and other thing that foribdden by CivitAI ToS itself. Of course, if it's not yours. Still can't get rid of scat image from my mix's page for 2-3 months. And of course, there is a line in CivitAI ToS, that prohibit it. And there is a lot of -> too sexually attrative <- underage characters models / LoRAs on CivitAI, that moderatos just pass through.

Content Removal Criteria:

  • "Loli", "lolicon", "shota", "shotacon" content

  • Content depicting the excrement of "scat" or fecal matter.

Funny, huh?

And there is no way to recover deleted post / image or model. At least, never heard about it.

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