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Manual Resource Selection when making posts or editing them.

I've had some issues with resources not always showing up when posting images. I've tried various fixes to try and get them to show up and I have three pics that I want to post but have been a bit OCD about wanting both Loras to show up as being used for those images.

So what is the possibility of adding missing resources when there not showing up manually? I know it kind of does it if you don't have the hash showing up in the metadata and post on that model's page it'll show in the resource list, but it would be nice to click an "add additional resource" button or something like that.

Then again there might be a better solution that I'm not aware of yet. I also had an odd resource situation where one of my images shows the lora I used but doesn't show up in the model's gallery. Not sure what that is about either since the hash number is there.

2 Answers

I think you can't add manually the resources, but I installed Civitai Extension in my A1111 and it seems work good (it recognize automatically the resources that you are using on your images)

You can find it here:

Echo Samael's suggestion, though it still leaves out textual inversions from time to time. To the OP, I'd love that option as well.

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