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The problem a person mocking my models...

I have another topic. That face seems to laugh or mock my models???. Be careful, because sometimes I get confused by that little face... "Mocking" doesn't interest me, people make fun...

who mocks me?...

3 Answers

1) They're not necessarily laughing at the model, but at the implausible physics in the sample. People sometimes express amusement at the oddest situations; it's a social thing, I guess, perhaps less appropriate in certain cultures.

2) Firefox has this extension, "foxreplace", which I have found is pretty handy in changing both plain text and sometimes basic html. Since this "laughing face" is just an emoji text in a nested div tag, it's pretty easy to replace that with something else (on civitai only), for example with a letter or nothing. I'm unable to find an equivalent on chrome. However, on both firefox and chrome it is possible to define a ublock filter to remove the div tag whose text is the specific emoji, thereby hiding it completely from you. That could be more useful if you don't care for their presence at all.

Examples for the two suggestions:

The same happens for most my models and LoRAs, really, just don't mind it.

This reaction (actually, any reaction, even dislikes) moves your post and posted images in rating :)

Be glad you get any reaction. Art is supposed to make people react; positively, negatively, or otherwise. At least it had an effect. Some models get no comment, no emoji, no review, no user images posted. Depressing. Is that the only way to actually fail at art? No reaction and no one cares.

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