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Is It Possible to Share Someone Else's Model?

I found a really good realistic model for beautiful asian faces, OP here:

I don't think I'm allowed to share their model here without permission?

1 Answer

Hello Bloodsuga,

If you want to check with Civitai first to be sure, then I recommend joining their Discord at and messaging the lead moderator, Maxfield#1678.

But in my opinion, ideally, it is best to ask the person, but in some cases that isn't possible, such as a language barrier, inactivity, or no way to directly contact them.

Currently, Civitai doesn't have a system for posting models on behalf of others. You can post it under your user, BUT I would say you should make it clear in the description that it isn't your work, credit the author, and link the original source. I would also recommend maintaining the same permissions and terms they laid out if possible, but if none are mentioned, I'd advise setting it to Same Permissions Required to avoid other's creating derivative work that restricts how it can be used.

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