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See him again under #100! YOU PROBLEM!!!.

See him again under #100! They can't go up to #3... then?. what is the problem. I worry. 6 Lows the ratings.

2 Answers

Please stop asking why you can't go up in the ranking...

You create a large number of models and checkpoints that appear to have misleading example images or are inconvenient to use - that's where the low reviews come from.

You do not need to create a full checkpoint for every variation of a style or character. That's what LoRA are for. Furthermore it really helps to give a precise description of what your models do.

Finally, google translate is your friend.

By the way, are 2 people using your account? Because this

Mini Painter AUTOMATIC1111 WebUI Extension - Mini Painter | Stable Diffusion Other | Civitai

really doesn't look consistent with most other things you upload...

so if you want I delete you??? ...because people love them! , they uploaded the program ... but beware! the sums or lower my points....

It's not easy for anyone!

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