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requested loras

Is there a way to request or commish a Lora for a videogame character?

3 Answers

I'm gonna be that guy who gives an answer that doesn't fit the original question. Have you tried making one yourself? There are tons of good tutorials and most people (from what I've seen) only accept requests where you provide the images, which is most of the work, once you have figured out how it works.

That way you are also more likely to get a result that includes the elements most important to you (especially if it has an artstyle or the clothing baked in)

Of course. There is plenty of people making Lora's on comission basis. They post contact info in description of their models. Just check some lately published Lora's, thus you will find someone who will take your request.

You can, you would just need to ask someone to make it for you. Many lora creators have discord groups where they will take requests for free, but if you want it faster (since a lot of people are making requests) you can commission someone to do it

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