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Do I need to upload models to get engagement?

I just uploaded my images as posts. 20 images per post but I didn't upload the models themselves. Is this why none of the images I uploaded are getting any reactions or comments? Do I need to upload the model in order to get engagement? Also if I search for the tags I used on the home page, I'm not finding my own images. Any advice?

2 Answers

Civit really isn't made for posting random generated image collections. Most people will only see them through posts associated to a model, which makes sense as it is mainly a model sharing platform.

Checkpoints in particular are a place many people see your posts. My image with the most reaction was a low effort test of a checkpoint update which I assume thousands of people saw for that very reason.

I recommend you add the civit extension (if you use automatic1111) to automatically reference every model and checkpoint you use in your image generation.

This website has a strange algorithm. One series of images can receive tons of reactions but the second, which looks similar, will be without reactions. No idea how to fix that.

But I see your images are not assigned to any checkpoint. You need to upload the images from the checkpoint page. This move will increase the chance of any reactions.

You can see tags in the posts (second tab).

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