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How to create LORA files directly in A1111?

I do Lora training in dreambooth in Automatic1111

The model the training starts from is v1-5-emaonly.ckpt

The training works well and when I save it, I get a .ckpt that actually works and have learned the concept that I was training. (But it's a 2GB checkpoint, not the small Lora file)

During training I have created several .pt and _txt .pt files in the Lora folder. Those are detected by the UI, but when I try to use them with the v1-5-emaonly folder, then it does absolutely nothing. The triggerword is ignored as if there was no training.

What could be the issue? What am I doing wrong?

tldr: Lora training in A1111 dreambooth produces good (giant) checkpoints, but the (small) .pt files don't do anything.

1 Answer

Hello @raverynet,

I do not believe it is currently possible to train to use the Automatic1111 UI or the Dreambooth extension to train smaller standalone LoRAs. You would need to use Kohya's scripts, which some people have created helpful basic wrapper UIs or console scripts for. See the following resources.

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