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allow pornography for pornstars?

basically, when a "real life person" is actually a porn star, knowing that their physical features are correct (i.e. Dillion Harper's uniboob) in the LORA is a deciding factor. I am not talking about actors, I am talking about pornstars.

2 Answers

From Civitai's ToS: "Content depicting or intended to depict real individuals or minors (under 18) in a mature context."

From the Q&A:

"Q: What if my resource is of an adult-film star, who regularly appears in more revealing clothing?

A: Great point, but here's the distinction. Those individuals consented to being filmed and depicted in certain ways. Here on Civitai, we want to ensure we respect everyone's consent, regardless of their profession."

Since there's no explicit exception, this means that you cannot post depictions (e.g. images) of any real individuals (e.g. pornstars) in a mature context (e.g. pornography), without their explicit consent.

Probably just too much work to mess around with for the niche situation. The team is only a couple of people so trying to spend time veryfing if someone was a pornstar or actually gave consent or not is just way more trouble than it's worth to say "Just don't post nudes of real people"

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