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Are people allowed to sell LoRA models on here?

Are people allowed to sell LoRA models here or post links to premium LoRAs? I saw a post the other day on a checkpoint where the person added a link to their "premium LoRA" that they used to create their images.

1 Answer

According to CivitAI rules, there is no restrictions for promoting "premium" or paid version of the same LoRA or model posted by you on CivitAI. So, if you want - you can leave a link to any your account like patreon or something similar, where you're posting paid versions.

CIvitAI is a completely free website for ->sharing<- models, LoRAs, etc. But if you want to share "better" or "premium" content on your own page - you can feel free to do it.

But, i'm not sure it this would work for any "only paid" models, LoRAs, etc. I mean, if you posted LoRA, with cool previews and not uploaded any "free" version of your file and just posted .txt file in download section instead of LoRA file, for example.

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