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Add Name of Creator to File Downloaded or File Meta Data?

Sometimes the names are Vague to where I collected the files in here or the names have no bearing at all on what they do unless I look into them a little in SD, even then it's a bit of a hassle.

So, anyway to have better ways to link back to the creators in the files themselves? Besides the download history? Filenames don't usually match up with the name of what you actually downloaded.

So petition to add Creators names to files? External or Meta Data?

3 Answers

  1. Some authors may add their nicknames or any useful info into metadata before training

  2. As i know, there is no way to modify metadata through CIvitAI

  3. Latest versions of Automatic1111 WebUI have a really cool feature to add description to any file you have downloaded for your WebUI. For example - models / LoRAs / embeddings and etc

    You just need to open LoRA tab and click on this icon ->

    You'll see this tab:

    And you'll see Description field or note field lower.

    This will be useful if you're not blindly downloading all files from CivitAI.

The naming scheme was changed a while back, from model name + version name to whatever name the creator has used to match with their sample prompts. I've asked about it at the time and received no response, I'm dubious a petition will get you anywhere.

There is one guaranteed and immutable link from the file to the civ model, provided it has not been deleted from the server: The hash (AutoV2).

Calculate the hash, use the api ( to get the model id, then the model id to get the creator (, and then you have all the information needed. With this metadata, a bit of python code can easily rename files automatically to a format like {model_name}_{version_name}_{creator_name}, add keywords and whatnot.

I've written a small management utility which does this sorta thing (also constructs a local DB with important metadata since there's no telling when a model might be deleted). If current extensions aren't satisfactory for this purpose, I might publish it.

Yea but if people train via colab we don't get that option to add meta data - WE DO via kohya or bmaltais sure, but yea :P

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