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SDXL Randomly Rotates Styles?

Hi All,

I'm quite new to all of this, and SDXL in particular, so I am wondering if it is a normal behavior for the base (Style Selector button off) to rotate through several different styles during a batch? I.e with prompts like 8k, Photo, Photorealistic I still get a mix of cartoon, oil painting, anime, etc. I've only used trained checkpoints like PerfectDeliberate until now, so maybe for SDXL this is normal? Or is there an issue with my Automatic1111 config?

Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

<During a batch> is not useful.

The results only depends on the setting before u click RUN.

If you want a photorealistic version image, you should choose the style first and then run the program(batch) to generate the image.

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