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Civitat bug: Cannot scroll down, models do not load, comments do not load

I am constantly running into this issue in the Opera browser. Updating the page fixes it temporarily. I cannot scroll down to see more, both on model pages, and the main page. Comments with generations on model pages will not load, models on main page doesn't load. Happens all the time, so basically every other action is a page reload. So annoying! Relatively new issue.

On the main page it often goes like this:
1 Write query/search word, notice results and hit enter

2 Cannot scroll down

3 reload page

4 page says "You're all caught up" and shows nothing

5 Do 1 + 2 again, then it works. So broken :(

1 Answer

Sometimes pages/search doesn't even load on my screen properly either.

Not loading search result, post image, getting that spinning loading circle, or even a 404 page.

The site changes constantly, I'm guessing they just publish new version/look every now and then, rather than fixing the issue.

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