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Plz help me with my model guys !!!

I trained a model for architects for months and published it yesterday, but after few hours it was tagged as NSFW model. I don't know why, because everything is so safe in this page and in this model. Can anyone tell me how to remove the NSFW tag for my model ? THX

2 Answers

Yep the link leads to a 404 page. The only model currently visible for your account is the architecture checkpoint

HDArchiMaster - v1.0 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai

which isn't marked as nsfw. Interesting stats by the way...

I'm honestly not sure how any model can get automatically tagged as nsfw as it is a checkmark option when uploading and even including tons of nsfw example images doesn't change that.

Is it just me or the link says 404 page not found?

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