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Model thumbnails changed to image that isn't first image posted.

I'm not sure what happened, but two of the models I've uploaded are now showing the thumbnail image as one of the images I uploaded later on. This wouldn't be such an issue, except the lora model image that is being used as the thumbnail now shows an oversaturated image that I posted to show what happens if the lora is set to too high of a strength. The other model is now showing a NSFW image that I posted later on to show the model was capable of NSFW. I don't want the thumbnail to be a woman masturbating because it makes people assume the model is specifically designed for NSFW instead of being NSFW capable.

I can't find an option to change the thumbnail for the model back to the first image that was posted. What should I do to correct this?

4 Answers

yes you can change it go to the model then look at the preview image you will find 3 dots on the top of the image click it then click edit post then click rearrange then drag the image you want to the first image then click save

hope this helps :)

On top of the above explanation, sometimes the changes won't reflect right away.

Also if the image is flagged by system and yet reviewed by mod then it won't be visible besides the owner.

Thanks for the quick responses, but I have already tried that. The image that is showing up on the NSFW thumbnail isn't even the first post I made for the image. I always ensure that the first image I post is the one I want for the thumbnail by using the rearrange option before finalizing the post. In this case, I even went back in and rearranged the images again to try to reset the system and it is still showing the wrong thumbnail. Here is a link to the model to help show what I mean: FoolKat_Anime_Merged_Model The image that should be the thumbnail is the one of the girl in the black bikini as it is the first image of the first post. The image showing up as the thumbnail is the first image of the second post. As for the other model, the image showing up as the thumbnail is an image that is one of the middle images in the list of images for the first post. I've tried moving the image around to be further back in the list of images and it still shows up as the thumbnail.

Update 8/23 - this seems to have been solved, at least at the moment.

I have the same issue with my LoRAs. The first picture from my second post is getting picked up as the cover image, rather than the first image of the show case. My images haven't been flagged, so that can't be the issue. The cover image for this has been changed to the first image of my second post (warning, NSFW), instead of the top image of my showcase.

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