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"partner program" generation services for civitai models that offer dreambooth?

are there generation services that allow you to train your own styles/characters and also allow models and loras from civitai?

i found that allows "dreambooth" but only has a limited number of models and no loras, as well as that allows for use of all civitai models and loras, but has no "dreambooth" functionality.

do you know any services that offer both? i'll eventually get a new pc and use automatic, but until then i need to use one of those services...


ps: related question: what's the technical difference between "dreambooth" and LoRAs?

1 Answer

Seaart and are providing Lora training as far as I know

And dreambooth we normally refer to the full size stable diffusion finetuned model and Lora is a small finetune model that has been trained on a specific concept/style/character that we can use with almost all the stable diffusion full model

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