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what is the difference between kohya trainers and what do you like to use?

does anyone know the difference between kohya trainers

-Kohya LoRA Dreambooth LoRA Training (Dreambooth method)

-Kohya LoRA Fine-Tuning LoRA Training (Fine-tune method)

-Kohya Trainer Native Training

and what do you use?

2 Answers

  1. Not sure about differences between "native" LoRA training and Dreambooth. Both methods requires the same things and has the same settings.

  2. Fine-tuning method is about training your LoRA into model and then extracting it (of course, if you don't want to see file being 2-7Gb in size) with add difference. The best way to do LoRAs, i believe.

  3. I'm using different trainer (of course, based on Kohya) which called LoRA Easy Training Scripts, with its own interface. But you can only run it locally. Not in Colab. It's really easy to use. Uses Dreambooth training method, as i know.

I use this repo: - locally to run SD1.5 based LoRAs and on runpod for SDXL LoRAs

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