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Why isn't the newly released version of an existing model placed at the top of the personal model page?

A few hours ago, we released new versions for two existing different models:

Among these, the first one was placed at the top of the personal model page (sorted by NEWEST) after its release and was clearly pushed out through the system (having received over 100 downloads); however, the second one did not appear on the model page and only gained 5 downloads in the same amount of time (evidently not pushed out).

What could be the reason for this? Is it a bug, or is it some system feature that I am not aware of? If it's a feature, could you please explain the rules behind it?

Update: It seems to be a known bug. So anyone can provide the link of civitai problem or github issue to follow?

3 Answers

It is a known bug that has already been reported. I had the same problem and checked the bug section (bottom right)

For now I upload and delete a new version for the model as a workaround.

I used a script to automate the process of uploading models from the Hugging Face repository (as it's widely known, the uploading process for civitai models is extremely intricate, so I scripted it for automation). I observed something interesting: when using the script to upload a model with a scheduled release for a new version, and then manually clicking the publish button on the model's page, there's a significantly higher probability of successfully getting it pushed out.

its a bug. wait for sometime

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