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Too many redirect when accessing question 1466 [经验分享:模型训练的训练集制作]

As the title suggests, when clicking on this question, the browser freezes, and based on the network request information, it appears that there's a "too many redirects" issue - it's highly likely that a loop of redirects is occurring within the server.

I have a hypothesis about this: on the civitai website, whether it's a model, an article, or a question, the URL structure ends with a format like <id>/<alphabet-name>. The alphabet-name is entirely composed of English characters, all derived from the title of the content (this account has published many models with non-ASCII characters like Japanese and Chinese, but based on the final URL, non-ASCII characters are ignored in the alphabet-name). Therefore, for the aforementioned question #1466, which is entirely in Chinese, the alphabet-name would be empty. If there is a redirection within the system from <id> to <id>/<alphabet-name>, then the redirection target will be <id>/, forming a circular redirection.

2 Answers

There s a link to report bugs on the bottom right (desktop version, next to the feature requests). That's an interesting info but the only ones who can do something about it are the admins/developers.

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