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This new "create" feature? How does it work financially? Will it always be free?

I notice this create feature lets you create images very fast (i dunno if that is cause they have a lot of servers/bandwidth, or if most people choose to run it locally and don't bother with online versions so im one of the few people even putting load on the servers)

but it is quite fast, only problem is it does not have a lot of features AUTO1111 does, like a high-res fix, width/height IMG2IMG + plugins like Adetailer etc... will it get these features?

1 Answer

Hi there,

Yes! We plan to expand the Civitai on-site Generator to include many of the important features we use in Auto1111, including Hires. fix, ControlNet, and ADetailer, in future.

As for free, that's the goal!

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