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Are Textual Inversion files safe?

I was wondering if textual inversions (.pt files) are safe like the safetensor files of models and LoRa's. Does this website scan them when they are uploaded? Can you scan them with a basic antivirus yourself or do you need something else?

2 Answers

Hi there! .pt files are scanned with the picklescanner upon upload to Civitai. You'll see a little green shield mark below the blue download button, on scanned/safe files;

I have yet to see an unsafe textual inversion file - yet I'm sure it's possible if you're downloading from sketchy sources. The good news is that with our scanner, so much traffic, and such hard-working, intelligent, charismatic, and beautiful content moderators (ahem), any potentially malicious files on Civitai would likely be caught extremely quickly. Thanks!

Thanks for the response!

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