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Trying to Generate new images, queue is empty, but it shows i still have 9 in the queue

I'm a newb, so there is that. However, I have been using CivitAI for a couple of months, with good success. Today ,after clearing out all my requests to generate new images, its not letting me generate anything new saying that i still have 9 in my queue. But i dont. Its probably something obvious, like i ate the wrong color m&m, (blue instead of green). Thanks for the help!

1 Answer

Sometimes (especially after updates) CivitAI is being laggy, so, some services of features can just stop working. Maybe it was just a temporal bug, but if it's not, it's better to visit CIvitAI "Bugs" tab or CivitAI discord server.

You can write down about bugs here:
CivitAI Discord server:

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