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So in my account settings, under "Content Moderation" "Hidden Tags" I have listed every variation of "Character" i could think of and ones that were suggested while I was typing. However I still see models/loras with the "character" tag.

Maybe its a glitch because the uploaders are posting it with the wrong tags and then changing it right after so it doesnt get filtered like it should? I dont know why, but I get tired of seeing all the characters/actors constantly popping up. If anyone knows something I havent looked at please let me know.

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Ok answer solved. I have the browser mode set to "everything" most times. And apparently that means ignore all my rules, which makes sense now that I think about it. I assumed it would still continue to obey my blacklist rules, which is silly.

I understand what happened now. I was using filters to hide extremely graphic things, while still showing some NSFW, but then I was disabling it entirely most times because I wanted to see all the new things added.

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