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Unable to generate images with newer LoRA's

For some reason. Any attempts I make with adding a new lora and testing it, doesn't generate images and tells me "Could not load image" after "generating" it, and then giving me an unknown error. I have tried several many times today, but to no avail. I keep getting the same issue over and over, unlike my first lora, which I did the same thing I did before, but doesn't appear to be working anymore whatsoever. What am I doing wrong? Because I didn't do anything different for it, and it refuses to work now. I seriously need an answer for what is going on with this, because I spent hours waiting for LoRA's to train, over 5 hours, and that time has been wasted because of this one continuous error that refuses to explain what it is.

1 Answer

Could you please show us a bug report or picture of that ?

I think we could not understand what is "refuses" means.

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