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Can you help with drawing Robutts?

I want to have the same style of drawing made, but I cannot find the right model. Can you give me a suggestion? I want to have this style of drawing made for myself.

What I want is to be able to create an image like amiral_ai

3 Answers

My suggestion is :

Animation 2D Style Base Model + Oil style LORA + Contronet

If you want to do artstyle of different artists - just use LoRAs for their style. Some of them are available on CivitAI for a long time. Just choose what you like more.

For example, CuteSexyRobutts style on CivitAI:

If you want to do this style by yourself, well, you'll need to learn a lot about training LoRAs.

its likely using my own robutts lora or he trained his own. but i would assume he is using mine the v2 one

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