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Better Organization for LoRAs? + Icon Download Option?

Basically, currently with LoRAs it can be hard to tell between specific characters and styles/specific features. So maybe have a subcategory for either or tags to differentiate them? Because a lot of them use character art as their icons which gets confusing.

For example a LoRA for heart-shaped-pupils with Hatsune Miku in the icon with heart shaped pupils, but it's hard to tell if the LoRA is just for the eyes or Miku with looking deeper. Which would be fine if there were so many character LoRAs.

Also when downloading them would it be possible to add the option to download one of the images as well and have the file be named "LORA-File-Name.png" so Automatic1111 can add the icon into the UI so it's easier to know what it is? Currently I do this manually but it can be tedious

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An option to download a text file with the triggers and description along with the model would be nice too.

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