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I’m using civitai generator on my mobile right now, so I’m not sure if it’s just on my end or not, but I noticed that when I want to use certain lora or models on the generator, they don’t show up on the list. Will civitai add more of these models and loras at a later time, or am I just not able to see them on my mobile?

2 Answers

Only author of model or LoRA can grant access to use it on CivitAI generative service.

Some LoRAs and models aren’t available on the web version (cite TroubleDarkness). You can of course see which ones are/are not by the list, of if you found a new one you think you’d like to use and aren’t sure if it’s available, click on it, and the big blue button to the right or below the showcase pictures (depending on your screen size) will say “Create” instead of “Download”.

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