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Posting images: declaring age ranges

I think most of the images i'm going to post will be safe also for 13- because there's nothing strange explicit, but i would like to be sure.

I've read this article:

and the ToS:

The ToS just says "Content containing nudity, sexual situations, provocative/revealing attire, blood/gore, death, or other mature themes."

When i post an image i only see the "mature" checkbox and it says "may include content that is suggestive or provocative"... for who?
I saw different photos of dressed woman in normal life situation like taking a tea in a pub labeled as 13+...
I personally agree with 18+ blur but help me understand other labels:

  1. Who decide the right age range?

  2. Are all age range described somewhere? I can't find nothing more other than ToS i quoted before.

  3. Have i to suggest a age range? how?

  4. What if two people disagree about what should be censored?

3 Answers

thank you for replying, expecially for point 4.

I'm not worried about the age of the subjects of my photos, I don't intend to publish anything ambiguous.

I only can't understand the criteria used to determine the age range (yellow, orange, red) of the users who can see and image and who can't, i would like that my images will not get blurred in the preview.

Sorry I should have explained myself more clearly, but thanks anyway

  1. Age is nothing, at least not for real people. Your post shouldn't include too young-looking characters.

  2. Nope, it's not.

  3. You can, but i believe CivitAI will do nothing about it

  4. If you're talking about censoring images in posts, it only censored if CivitAI tagger see a mature content on the image (marked as yellow, orange or red). Also, if you marked your model as mature-content only. If you're talking about removing images from posts (or models), there is no any transparent moderation system on CivitAI.

    UPD: 24.09.2023: yellow, orange and red marks just just show "explicity" level of image. For example - yellow, sexually suggestive (like cleavage, etc), orange, something more clear like underwear or nightwear, and red, nudity and sexual atcs.

    All these tags can be shown or not, depending on your profile settings. There is a lot about different content types.
    "Explicit Adult Content", "Suggestive Content", "Violence", "Visually Disturbing", "Offensive Gestures", and only these autotagged marks would decide, if user with same content turned on or off can see your content. As i know, you cant' mark it by yourself. Marking whole image or post affects only Browsing Mode setting on top right (with an eye icon).

    There is no any age detection on CivitAI, but can tag your image like "needs moderation" but only moderator will decide to delete it or not.

Answer to your Questions:

  1. Who decide the right age range?

    • CivitAI uses some kind of image tagger (Those things are 10+ years old) So sometimes it tags normal image with 13+ and sometimes tag Porn as safe. You can check them in the tags.

    • Red Tags = 18+

    • Yellow Tags = 13+

    • Gray Tags = Normal

  2. Are all age range described somewhere?

    • Don't think so

  3. Have i to suggest a age range? how?

    • You can't. It's decided by a image tagger system.

  4. What if two people disagree about what should be censored?

    • It's not marked by people. If there's anything NSFW not flagged, you can report the image and a moderator will review it. The moderator decides weather it stays or not

Here's something more

About the 13+ system:

  • Simply they can be called "Erotic"

  • Maybe a cleavage is showing, s/he's in a weird pose, The dress if too tight etc.

  • Not complete nudity

About the 18+ system:

  • Complete nudity

  • Private areas are showing, having sex, (some stuff I can't say here) etc.

  • So say simply, It's PORN

What Violates the ToS:

  • Nudes of celebrities (18+) (All 13+ post must be reviewed by a moderator before it's made public)

  • Child Po- / Realistic Generation of Minors either SFW or NSFW (Just don't generate child po and be happy)

  • Extreme Gore

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