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My model merge can't be used on your site without my intervention.

I know I'm in the wrong. I just didn't feel genuine about having my model merges in create mode. While users couldn't replicate images even close to what I put up. I wanted them to be able to do this But now that these tools have been unpublished. They no longer can. If y'all can have these tools in create mode, that would be greatly appreciated. I know these sources coming from some random user has it's security risks and y'all are just looking out for the original creator and subsequent users innocently downloading possibly unsafe and complete copycat files. I didn't mean anyone harm, just trying to spread creative possibilities to others.

1 Answer

I'm confused, why are they not in create mode and why ... I dont think this is ..

Your best bet?
Take a moment to go to discord and mention this to the dev and mod teams.

People CANT always replicate things 1-1 that's not what stable diffusion is fore -- and create mode isnt' unpublished it -- i dont know why you can't see it.

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