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Banned word - "daughter"

Im a little bit confused, I just tried to post some images but got TOS Violation, I was struggling a bit with finding anything that could violate the TOS but with some trial and error I found that word daughter was the problem? Is this intentional or a bug? Context of this word was "miller's daughter"

3 Answers

It was probably flagged as a minor keyword (child po)

Maybe you had some borderline nsfw tags with that like cleavage

Hi there!

The @sayurio is entirely correct - we do check for combinations of words in prompts now, so seemingly innocent tokens can sometimes be flagged if they're in the same prompt as more naughty stuff. If you'd like to submit feedback on your experience with the changes to this system, please let us know!

Any chance we could get a full list of these illegal words? People shouldn't have to guess at what the AI Ethics Committee has deemed to be thought crimes.

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