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Why onsite LORA training can't make exact face?

Hello. I'm trying to train onsite LORA of a person. Tried 6 times. Only face, full body, more photos, less photos. Everywhere in result some Indian female.

How many photos to upload? how big should be pics? pics of face only? (I need only face). Should I change settings of crafting?

2 Answers

Hi there! I've passed your results on to the dev team ❤️

Training a likeness is always tricky; definitely one of the harder concepts to do well in LoRA training!

We're still taking feedback from the community and tweaking the pre-set parameters, so I'm hopeful that we can dial in the settings required for awesome likeness-capture before long.

Appreciate your support and testing!


Can you please help me to make this LORA?

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