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The "flagged for review" filter is EXTREMELY ANNOYING!

There are times where I upload a perfectly innocent-enough looking NSFW image (that's far from being loli/child porn of course!!) and it was flagged for review for absolutely NO APPARENT REASON. I have countless attempts to upload stuff cockblocked because the civitai tag detection system does not give the image the "adult" tag for nsfw.

When this text shows up I just instantly delete all offending images because I am 100% sure none of the stuff will be approved even if they are literally not CP.

Flagged for review

This image won't be visible to other users until it's reviewed by our moderators.

Extremely annoying and it should be removed. Is there even any way to get around this bar "guessing the correct image"?

EDIT: Also there's a VERY annoying behavior right now where the image will NOT be shadowbanned at first (and would show up perfectly normal), but refresh the page and the dreaded yellow exclamation mark shows up.

1 Answer

Flagged for review means the image was flagged by the automatic recognition system and entered the queue that will be checked again by a human moderator. So if all your images are perfectly innocent indeed, there is no need for deletions from your side and actually a good chance the moderator will unflag images the robot system misreported for whatever reason. It's kinda annoying indeed but there are just too many images being added every day and some degree of automation in their validation process is necessary.

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