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Showcase & Artwork protection

Goal: Want to show my renders but dont wanna to share exact prompt.

Early Pardon: sorry for bad english and selfish nature.


Hi staffs & community, Thanks civitai for being my very first resource and inspiration.

You are my number 1 resource and catalogue for ideas. Hence i want to contribute my some artwork (for inspirations). Specially Indian contents (quality).

As a starter i am hesitating to share exact gendata out of the box. Instead i would add helpful prompts in details or comments. I would definitely link the models. May be in future i would be a bigger man. May be right now i want to get recognize by AI community so i want to keep my recipe secret, (Does this nature make me selfish?)

On side note, I will upload some good Indian loras i trained. So yeh i m not selfish.

So what are the acceptable options for me?

Am i allowed to add a small watermark. As a soft reminder to any googler/downloader/random sites that they cant credit hog the art completely? or to novice pervert viewer from getting hopes high :D (have seen a lot)

4 Answers

thanks @Kinkau ,
yes i totally admit the raw prompt courtesy. otherwise i wouldn't have created this this query.

(the watermark, its a soft reminder, any complex watermark can be removed easily by AI)

the exception u are delivering: "they(raw prompts) helping people decide if your model worth downloading".

well, in my polite defense i would say: non-altered pic is a visual proof for the worth of model. in addition i will surely provide prompts hints of respective render.

Again, I also have requested many prompts in comments, and had a joy on getting it in replies. (i know the feel of not getting/ignored as well).
As of now, I m somehow bounded to my insecure nature. THIS IS WHAT IT IS.

Thanks for clarity. I am hoping for more suggestions. negative or positive. it will help me to take better decisions.

It's completely okay if you don't want to show your prompts. They are your intellectual property after all. Adding watermarks okay too (they can be easily removed via inpainting anyway 😁).

In my opinion there's one exception though - when you uploading model and providing example images - they should have metadata, including prompts. It's just common courtesy. Because they helping people decide if your model worth downloading.

From one Indian to another: Namaste! ;)

As long as you're linking the underlying models, LoRAs, etc. I don't see an issue, from a site standpoint.

I will say that it does annoy a lot of folks (including me) to not see the prompts attached to a great picture for two primary reasons:

  1. I learn a lot about things like angles, prompt ordering, what to include, what to avoid, etc.

  2. My suspicious nature makes me wonder if there was more than just SD used to generate the image - Photoshop or Midjourney for example, which I see a little as 'cheating'. :D

Ultimately it comes down to your personal philosophies/ opinions. It goes against the philosophy of open source (in my mind) when you use something that is opensource but then don't 'pay it forward', in a sense. But that is my take - need not be everyone's.

I’m going to be frank here. I think the idea of not posting your prompt on a website meant for the purposes of sharing models and content related to SD is mad, it’s just absurd. There are other places for that, including on twitter, deviantart, instagram, etc. What’s the purpose of posting it on civitai? even more so if you’re posting a model, then it’s just annoying. How can a user tell the image posted was generated by the model? It’s not only a nuisance, it’s misleading.

With regards to protection, it’s worth noting that it may be hard to argue that images generated with SD could be subject of copyright protection given recent case law concluding otherwise. Adding a watermark doesn’t change that.

Furthermore, from my experience with SD prompts, it’s very unlikely that a SD prompt would meet the criteria necessary for copyright protection. So while the merit is yours, it’s probably not protected by any intellectual property rights.

There are certain exceptions to both cases above, but I won’t get into that now.

If you want to get recognized by the AI community, honestly, in my view, that’s the worst approach you can take. You’ll get the opposite effect.

Please don’t take my views as a personal attack. Take it as an opportunity to reflect and adapt your way of thinking about this. You benefit more by sharing.

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