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Crosspost on Civitai

How to make "Crosspost" posts?
I wnat to upload image to Lora page and into Model Page. But I don't want to see duplicates in my profile

2 Answers

When you're making a post for LoRA, (and if you've not erased metadata on your images) there would be an option to add review for model used. Just 2 different bars for review.

If you want to add a review for all resources used in your generation, there is an extension for Stable Diffusion, that keeps readable (for CivitAI) info about all resources used in generation, but i'm not sure, what extension is. Never used it.

But talking about first method, you'll be able to to something like that on the same post:

its simple. upload the image and after processing in the right side you will see all the resources you used for the image and you will have the option to review them if they are in civitai. and if civitai can recognize the different model it will automatically cross-post them when you publish the image

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