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Image incorrectly marked as Adult

How can I get the rating changed for an image that was incorrectly marked as Adult (18+)?

3 Answers

If you mean Adult tag applied automatically by image scanning and recognition system, that does not mean your content is mature - it marks persons on the image (if there are any) as adults by their look. That actually works in your benefit, as you can not upload photorealistic images with persons looking like minors to Civitai at all. In case I misunderstood the question, perhaps try posting more details on what you meant or direct link to the image in question.

Not sure if you can get it changed, to be honest. The 18+ tag is a NSFW rating, so there must be some form of NSFW content in it. It's important, but kind of annoying to note that just because an image doesn't necessarily contain full frontal nudity, doesn't mean it won't get flagged. 18+ content isn't really censored or suppressed on this platform beyond the initial image blur, so I wouldn't worry to much about it. Can't offer much advice either, with not knowing what the image is.

just downvote the tag and it will be sent to the queue for manual checking by the team

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