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Face normalizing

How do I make the AI images faces look normal? They’re all distorted and odd looking

3 Answers

There are a few reasons that faces can come out distorted. Listed some of these below, and possible solves:

  1. You're using SDXL/ SDXL based models: Eyes come out cross-eyed and/or teeth look like they are for a toothpaste ad:

    • Use negative prompts (cross-eyed, too many fingers, toothy, weird teeth, etc.)

    • Use something like ADetailer to post fix

  2. You are getting 'anime' like images for a realistic model:

    • Use negative prompts like '3d, render, robot eyes, etc.'

  3. You are using a LoRA and it's overtrained

    • Lower the LoRA weight

    • Lower the CFG (though this produces less than great images)

    • If you trained the LoRA yourself, then adjust the settings so that it's not overtrained.

  4. You're using a sampler like DPM++ 3M SDE Karras

    • Increase the number of steps/ modify some of the other settings

    • Use a different sampler

Hope these help!

There are already a bunch of great suggestions. One more thing that really helps if it's not a problem with your sampling parameters is to use upscaling. There is only so much detail in the standard 512x512 image. Slightly off eyes are pretty obvious but tend to correct at higher resolutions.

If you could add an image we could give you more information depending on generation parameters and how they are "odd looking".

try highres fix , use negative embeddings and lastly try after detailer extension and see if it works for you

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