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How do i opt out from the point system?

I don't want to engage in scammy practices, and i prefer to use the platform for free as usual, thanks

4 Answers

To my knowledge, though I could be wrong;

1) You don't. The point system is just a passive incremental system where it will accumulate automatically over time so long as you interact on this site as normal. React to something? Get some points. Upload something? Points.

2) Just don't buy points. To my knowledge it won't cost points to download checkpoints or loras that people upload, and it's used mostly to commission someone to make a lora or model for you, or to generate your own using civitai's graphics cards in case you don't have the personal resources.

So just ignore it. Pretend the number isn't there. Also unlike some sites with a point currency system, this one doesn't really seem scammy, just underdeveloped. I'm able to generate content myself though so I'm not the target audience. I'm not the demographic. I imagine the actual demographic are users with either weak/no graphics cards who have a spare $10 lying around so they can commission some work or automate it through the site.

It's not like the currency on a site like webnovels which basically forces micro-transactions for pretty much every form of media content they have available. Maybe in the future my post will age horribly and the site will be dead in the water due to this point system, but as it is right now it just seems to be a niche way to market toward a specific demographic who can't make stuff themselves but have tiny amounts of disposable income on occasion.

You people say that in most cases where point systems are in place. This point system is just the beginning, soon they'll add the real shop to it and real money will get involved. Not tolerating that.
And to believe that they assured people that donations are enough to cover the expenses, yeah right.

Upd: Well, real money is involved after all, the shop is only a matter of time.

the site is still free to use

Realistically - join another platform (and there are several already) if you cannot bear the existence of currency. Just don't expect anyone else to follow suit.

Even if an opt out setting were available, you'd be one of a tiny minority to employ it given the userbase the site caters to: I believe they wouldn't mind using a feature which grants bounties or model training (for free through casual interaction if so desired), as there seems to have been quite a bit of demand for it till now; patreon & commissions were a thing from the get go.

As such, your decision would be virtually cosmetic on your end, and not naturally understood by others. It's like you'd walk into a convenience store and ask to trade crops and livestock for goods - at best the only thing you'd get is funny looks. You could sign up for a collective, but that's not gonna change how the global economy runs.

As an advocate for open source and one who publishes hobbyist creations free of charge, I do understand where you're coming from, believe it or not; however, the reality is that most people, amongst whom are many great creators, don't receive guaranteed income and need incentive to be here doing what they do. If virtual points help with that then I'm all for it, just as long as they are prioritised in a balanced manner alongside important features.

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