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How can I test a LoRA in a bounty?

I'm hoping the only way to judge a bounty isn't to just rely on sample pictures.

Is there a way to verify, download, and test files? I'm only seeing an option to pay 500 buzz to unlock it. I'm not sure if people are generally rolling in buzz, but I can't imagine the test method to cost more than the actual bounty by constantly unlocking all entries

1 Answer

This is a problem I've noticed as well. Bounty files can be simultaneously uploaded to both a bounty and to a creator's profile, so the quickest solution right now is probably to ask the creators to do just that. In the meantime, we have to convince the devs that the current bounty system is highly exploitable by bad actors due to the simple fact that you have to buy before you try.

In fact, if any of the devs or mods happen to stumble across this post, the problem will only worsen once paid models are introduced, but I suppose this isn't the right place for feedback. is, though!

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