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Help with model ID no search

From image Metadata I get info of Models used. The data gives ID no.s
eg "modelVersionId":64094
if I search the internet I can locate the odd one as below
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CyberRealistic - v3.3 | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai

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But can't locate all. I am not good at recording my own experiments. It's a brain thing, I know I should but I get carried away and forget. I do sometime screen shots, but again my brain is disorganised and matching them to an image is a needle in a haystack for me.

Is there a way of identifying the Model name or a link to the Model from the ID number.

My apologise if it is obvious and I am missing it. But, if you could help it would be wonderful.

1 Answer

guess the only way is to find out via api

so, in this case, if you try to access then you'll get a json response, and you'll see "modelId": 10028 in it... translated into civitai link format would be

well... it's far away from intuitive, maybe there's some way to do it via their search box

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