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Can we set a higher base info requirement for uploading files?

This website has incredible potential that is being constantly watered down by mysterious garbage with absolutely no info in the description, and more frequently poorly trained content, like the following examples:

My thought to solve this and provide a better experience for everyone including creators, is to increase the amount of required info for an upload. Something like requiring a minimum of five photos, a minimum detailed description of sorts, maybe some drop down menu options for settings that apply to certain file types (Like; does this require a VAE? does it have one baked in?,) maybe a box providing a default starter prompt that works well with that model (I know there's several "high profile" creators on here that never provide that, and to each their own, but every time they do that their reviews get bombarded with people that have no clue what they're doing.)

These files are very quickly becoming easier for any schmuck to produce. Requiring more detailed info for uploads would reduce the number of garbage files (or at least make them less mysterious,) and by doing so would help the more talented creators not get buried under the mountain of useless content and receive more exposure.

In addition to the more obvious benefits, requiring items like "VAE baked in?" in the upload would also provide more details that could be filtered in searches.

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Hi there!

If you report this content as Needs Moderator Review we will absolutely look into it. We've been more proactive at catching this stuff recently, but we do need the community to assist us in identifying unusual uploads.

There are many, many, uploads which are made in error - people not understanding the service Civitai provides is most common.

I'll review these models you linked.



IMHO requiring they fill out a description should be necessary

I think this is the wrong direction. These issues will solve themselves as content with bad descriptions will simply be ignored as there is more an more content to sift through.

Look at Nexus mod's, anyone can post garbage mods with little description, but there is no issue finding the best mods. This is due to the self selection of rating systems, download counts and other metrics that will lead to the best models being able to be found.

Yes a month ago the when we got a few models a day it was a lot easier to sift through every model and pick the best, but it was never going to stay that way, it simply could not. Putting up more barriers to post is not the solution and will only create it's own issues and slow the growth of the community.

This issue with solve it's self provided the correct features and changes are made to the website, which I have all confidence will happen.

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