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Clarification on breaking TOS on posts

Is it possible to get a clear reason for an image/post violating the TOS. I tried posting some images and some got flagged and others didn't. All use generally the same prompts and had the same theme. Some of them got flagged but I had no idea as to why. Being given a reason as to why would really help me know what to was wrong with those images especially when some were fine and some weren't and I am not seeing a obvious difference.

3 Answers

You should more descriptive because it is not clear what kind of images you posted and were flagged. But, looking at your uploaded images, it seems you are using celebrity faces on nude or semi-nude bodies (I see some Daniel Radcliffe images there, so there could be more of that type), and that is definitely not allowed here. You can read more about these rules here:

Yellow flag, or red flag?

Yellow flag means the detection AI thought your image looked like something the civitai devs don't want to host, and sadly, there is no way of consistently avoiding these yellow flags because the algorithms are purposefully oversensitive.

Red flag means there was a word or combination of words in your prompt that could lead to an image being something the civitai devs don't want to host, but good luck getting them to tell you what these illegal words are.

You will also get flag for violating TOS if you post nude photo that don't specify age of 18 or higher. I had got flagged a few times and it took a while to figure it out. I had generated an image using another prompt I saw somewhere else and later realized it said teen girls instead of 18 year old girls or 25 year old woman or any such thing. I regenerated it saying 19 years old and the same image cleared just fine.

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