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What the fck does permissions even do?

My St. Louis LoRA got sold like shit anyways. There's no point of this "permissions" feature it's useless.

3 Answers

I'm sorry to say it like this, but you were distributing something that's DRM free, what were you expecting?

Hello Bloodsuga,

Yes, currently it's all honor system and reporting to mods on Civitai, but there is no automated enforcement system on Civitai, and no real recourse for violating terms off site.

Hi! I just asked myself what the permissions stated on the model pages actually mean and stumbled upon this thread. How is it possible that each model mentions different permissions, although the licence under which the model is distributed is the same (CreativeML Open RAIL-M) for nearly all the models. Shouldn't the licence define what you are allowed to do with the model? Do the permissions mentioned on the pages actually matter if the licence file says something else?
Thanks for helping me! :)

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