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Prompt database (a database for prompts)

Does anyone have any interest in a database for prompts? I've built one in MS Access and I'm finding it to be pretty handy. Here's a screenshot.

With this, I can:

  • Add as many prompts as I want.

  • Assign categories to the prompts for easy organizing.

  • Search the entire list for keywords and sort by any column.

  • Select any number of prompts and have them automatically added to my active list of Positive and Negative prompts at the bottom of the screen.

  • Apply parenthesis and strength parameters to any prompt.

  • One-click to copy the active prompts for pasting into any image generator.

Like I said, I'm building it in Microsoft Access, but I can make it distributable so that you don't need Access to run it. I'm inquiring to see if anyone has interest in the app to see if I should make it available.

1 Answer

That certainly looks interesting but does it have any advantages over the webui-tagcomplete?

How does the search work? Do you want to use it for prompt automation to combine random prompts from a subset or similar?

I'd like to give it a try if it's not too much effort to make it distributable but right now manually entering the prompts you want and putting them in the right order with the "correct" weights is almost as fast as can be. I'm not sure how useful the database can be from an efficiency standpoint.

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