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Why does the sampler I use switch to Karras?

Hello! I'm a user here who didn't join too long ago, recently, I have been using this site for generating images, I am using Yiffymix V35 and V34 with Euler, but there is an issue, you see, when I want to use Euler, the AI decides to ruin my day and switches the sampler model to Karras, I'm not sure why this is happening, may be a bug but it hope it gets fixed soon, I don't know why it does that, I probably may be doing something wrong, but please correct me if I did any mistakes.

1 Answer

I'm not sure how the generating service is set up, but Karras is not a sampler, it's a scheduler. Samplers can use different schedulers, for Euler the best one is probably Normal (if you have that option). Karras is better suited for samplers from the DPM++ group.

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