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Can we get new listing filters? We are in desperate need for some since the LoRA craze

Ever since LoRA training became the current staple, we're seeing like 50+ single character LoRA's being submitted everyday.
I'm desperate for a filter that could filter out single characters or even have characters from the same series grouped under a filter.

4 Answers

Yeah, like an obligatory tag "Anime Character" so we can hide them all in the settings

I think combinatorial filters would be a good idea. For example, I don't want to filter out checkpoints with the character & celebrity tags, since many normal checkpoints use that tag as well, but I do want to filter out LORAs with that tag

You know what would be great, an exclude tag filter. (Like the hide tag feature in account settings but quick and temporary on the browsing page)

Yes, please add an exclude tag filter. For example there is now a lot of #anime models, but I'm not interested in anime at all, so please add a possibility to filter it out.

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