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LORA trains fine, but will not work in online generation. Does work on local SD.

My first attempt at a working LORA. Trained on Civitai on about 30 images of a woman's face. Training was uneventful, and produced the expected epoch images. I published, with the onsite generation option. Bombs every time. I tried 4 different base models, different image dimensions - nothing. The attempts will sit in Queued state on Civitai for a few minutes, then just disappear. I tried locally on my CPU w Easy Diffusion and it worked fine.

2 Answers

I think it is not you LORA's problem.

Just Civitai Crash....That is fine. no surprise.

Well CivitAI only uses the same sort of code any trainer uses. 30 images is a little low,
The other thing is Image generation locally on CivitAI was a bit slow a week ago?

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