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How do bounties work?

I'm setting up a bounty for my new workflow, AegisFlow. I want to offer two winners for "buzz" in two categories. I plan to choose those winners by like counts. I'm also giving access to my WorkFlow's future updates to 3 winners. (limited, open, and favorite-in-show-according-to-just-me)

It's kind of unclear though; if I set the bounty to 500, can I give that out multiple times? Like the Highlander, can there be only one? I just want to be sure to set it up well.

3 Answers

Answering myself here via the chatbot: Bounties work by posting a task or challenge on Civitai and offering a Buzz reward for its completion. When you post a bounty, you can only select one winner. The selected winner will receive the full bounty reward.

It would be great to be able to select more than one winner (split bounties)

The system is new and seems rather underdeveloped at this stage (I for one find it quaint that submissions are exhibited to the general public, yet the level of interaction with them is minimal, for instance; what am I rating, the cover image?). You may want to send feedback or post on discord, but I believe there's been no shortage of that already.

As for this use case, perhaps publish a bounty for each category? Any external boons are unlikely to be implemented anyway.

While a bounty may only be rewarded to a single person, you can still clarify in your bounty that you intend for there to be multiple winners and tip the ones that you can't award directly.

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