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There are no resources associated with this image

This is so, so annoying, and there's no point in installing the Civitai plugin on WebUi because even using the API the result is the same.

What's more, NO image I upload connects to the templates. Why is that?

Can this be resolved? If the intention was to make things easier or better, the result is the opposite.

Or is it that now only paying users will be able to use the system as before? If so, it would be nice to make this clear to everyone.

Thank you.

2 Answers

My problem is not with the extension, in fact the extension was suggested as a solution, which ended up solving nothing.

When I post any image on Civitai I get this message:

And even using the extension, it doesn't solve anything.

In other words, I end up not being able to contribute to the model creators, because Civitai doesn't make the connection between the generated image and the model used (if that's how it works).

To be clear, you are talking about this extension?

GitHub - civitai/sd_civitai_extension: All of the Civitai models inside Automatic 1111 Stable Diffusion Web UI

Your problem is that it doesn't recognize the ressources associated with your generated images. The plugin adds to the metadata which is then read to give information like prompts and used models upon uploading to civit. I'm using an older version of the extension and have no issues.

If the extension is installed correctly and tagging doesn't work this is an issue you can post on github.

Edit (because I can't upload images in comments):

It still sounds like a problem with the extension to me. There is no other way to connect the ressources as far as I know.

When I upload something with a LoRA that isn't published yet it shows this message.

It "knows" that the extension is installed but that the ressource isn't on civit. I can only recommend that you

  1. reinstall the plugin

  2. restart the webui

  3. create some sample images

  4. retry uploading those

If that doesn't work, it is an issue that should be reported on github as I said before.

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